SELFLY has several optional control modes. The default action in all of the modes is stable hovering. There is the traditional way to control it; by 2 sticks or by the phones gravity sensors, and there is the photo-based control where you can intuitively manipulate the picture on the screen and the camera will perform accordingly. SELFLY hovers in the air waiting for control orders, anything your camera can detect or process can be sent as control orders, it won’t follow you riding a bike downhill, but will perform rotational movements to keep an object in the frame.

All android and iOs phones are compatible. SELFLY is a flying camera that folds into a phone case, the dedicated phone cases we have are iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 plus, iPhone X, iPhone 6/7/8  XS, iPhone MAX, SS GLX 6/7, SS GLX S8/S9, SS GLX S8/S9/S10 plus & a universal flip case for all the rest of the phones. Of course there is an option to carry SELFLY in its dedicated pocket dock case or Power Bank.

​It will take 35 min to charge the battery. If you are a ‘heavy users’ you can get the Power Bank docking station and have SELFLY charged all the time, in your pocket.
‘Fly By Picture’ flight mode is one of our IP’s. You can easily zoom in and out of pictures by pinching the screen with two fingers or moving the picture to any desired direction, the app will translate your orders to change the location of the drone accordingly in order to get the shot you want .

If you are looking for a drone to capture professional stabilized video following you down the mountain bike trials will have to spend 800$ and more, this is beyond the scope of this product.

We don’t aim to replace with large and complex drones. However, if you are looking for an easy to carry, slim, always with you, affordable product to take an exciting new angle for your photos, this is the product for you.

Please watch this short clip that demonstrating it.

The idea behind this product is that this is very intuitive and simple to control, it is very stable in the air and you actually can control the picture by simple finger manipulation on the picture you see on the screen
SELFLY is controlled via WiFi, the max control range defers by phone model and environment. It is usually about 15 meters. If the WiFi Signal disconnects, SELFLY will automatically land.
SELFLY does not support, at this point, wireless charging .
Does SELFLY have a stabilizing gimbal ?
SELFLY is a selfie drone, you need to fly it while the camera is facing you, then Your orientation will match the drones orientation.
This is correct, Face follow at the moment acts only on the regular Joystick control.

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