SELFLY - A smart autonomous flying camera that is actually a 9mm thin phone case (Patent pending)

It is controlled by your Smartphone through WIFI communication, transmits FPV HD footage.
SELFLY can perform computer vision based autonomous flight enabling very intuitive use and accessible to everyone.
Today, drones are getting smaller and more sophisticated but there is not yet a solution that makes them as accessible & easy to use as SELFLY – Always with you, an invisible autonomous tripod as part of your everyday life. This concept, we believe, can entirely change the drone market equilibrium, both socially and technically. SELFLY has dedicated cases for most of the popular phones on market, same SELFLY camera drone fits all different cases.

Our vision is to develop the next generation of, high-tech, always with you, mini drones, which, eventually, is going to be the link between the drone evolution and the everyday user.  

Being a small intelligent flying platform opens a wide range of application options. The ability to be carried in a pocket, launched, and autonomously execute a pre-defined or computer vision based mission, independently, or as a group is an innovative technological asset. 

 SELFLY is receiving great viral coverage from the press globally, including major nation wide relevant channels like USA today, NBC, ABC, M6 The verge, Mashable, and more than 400 other publications worldwide.

SELFLY has been launched at CES, we received wide positive media coverage, items on national TV including 2 CES innovation rewords.     

SELFLY Camera is an Independent startup company. We hold the full IP of the ‘flying phone case camera’ – SELFLY TM.

SELFLY, has proved it has huge market demand, by its unique characteristics it has potential to reveal a new massive market, a mass-market that integrates drones into the daily habit of taking mobile pics and selfies.

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